Introduction to Kendo and Hanoi Seikenkan Kendo Club

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In 2004, Hanoi Kendo was established by the sensei from Japan. The precursor Hanoi Seikenkan Club, founded in 2008, by 2010 the club officially named Hanoi Seikenkan. Currently the club actives in the 3 dojo: Bach Khoa gymnasium, Hoang Cau and Long BienWith the help of many aspects of Nishio Sensei 6th Dan Renshi, and Sugiyama sensei 6 Dan, the club gradual steps on the path of development in both quantity and quality.

Club would like to thank the help of sensei:

Takahashi sensei Osaka Kendo Federation Vice President

Araki sensei President Shinpukai Ibaraki Osaka

And helped facilitate Hanoi Seikenkan ‘s members have the opportunity to learn and practice kendo in Japan.


Nishio sensei Renshi 6th Dan

Nishio Sensei - 6-dan   西尾先生ー6-段連枝 
Sugiyama Sensei – 6-dan
Takatsuki Dojo, Japan
Panasonic Dojo, Japan
Ibaraki Dojo, Japan
Meishinkai Dojo, Japan
Hanoi Seikenkan ‘s members with Sumi sensei – Hanshi 8th Dan

Hong Kong Asian kendo chapionships 2013


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