On 08 and 09 August 2015, the Second Vietnam Open Kendo Championships was taken place at An Lac Trang Eco-garden, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hosted by Vietnam Kendo Clubs Association-VKCA.

It was our pleasure to welcome more than 150 kendo practitioners Japan (IFKA), Korea (Dowon Kendo Club, Chungang Kendo Club), China (Shanghai Huajian Kendo Club, Wuhan Rendo Kendo Club, Guangxi Kendo Club, Nanjing Xiu Cheng Quan Kendo Club), Singapore (Tanglin Kendo Club), Cambodia (Phnom Penh Kendo Club), Australia (Melbourne Budokai), and Vietnam (Nitoukan Kendo Club, Hanoi Seikenkan Kendo Club, Toukai Kendo Club, Kenzenkan Kendo Club, Kazeken Kendo Club, RMIT Kendo Club).

With the concept idea of “KENDO – FRIENDSHIP – GREEN”, all participants did have 02 full days to practice and compete, to learn more about kendo as well as to build up friendly relationship all participating kendo players in a peaceful and natural island of An Lac Trang Eco-Garden.

After two days of competition, the tournament was successful with the following winners:

1. Men Team:

Hanoi Seikenkan Kendo Club – IFKA: 1st place

Kenzenkan Kendo Club: 2nd place

CKOU (Nanjing Xiu Cheng Guan Kendo Club –Wuhan Rendo Kendo Club): 3rd place

2. Women Team:

Nitoukan Kendo Club: 1st place

RMIT Kendo Club – IFKA: 2nd place

Phnompenh Kendo Club: 3rd place

Chung Ang – Hanoi Seikenkan: 3rd place

3. Men Individual

Vo Anh Nhan – RMIT Kendo Club: 1st place

Scott Sun – Dowon Kendo Club: 2nd place

Tran Xuan Phat – Kenzekan Kendo Club: 3rd place

Yang Xing De Ken – Tanglin Kendo Club: 3rd place

4. Women Individual

Koike Yuuki: 1st place

Reika Tsuchiya – IFKA: 2nd place

Olivia Zhang – Tanglin Kendo Club: 3rd place

Nguyen Thi Phuong – Chung Ang Kendo Club: 3rd place

5. High School Boys

Ang Boon Jie – Tanglin Kendo Club: 1st place

Zhao Jinyu – Wuhan Rendo Kendo Club: 2nd place

6. High School Girls

Reika Tsuchiya – IFKA: 1st place

Zhou Yaohan – Wuhan Rendo Kendo Club: 2nd place

7. Junior Children

Nguyen Sy Trieu Hai – Kenzenkan Kendo Club: 1st place

Wu Siyuan – Shanghai Huajian Kendo Club: 2nd place

8. Fighting Spirit Awards

Tuan Phan, Kazeken Kendo Club

Reika Tsuchiya – IFKA

Vo Anh Nhan – RMIT Kendo Club

Wei Wu – Shanghai Huajian Kendo Club

Tony Borello – Melbourne Budokai

Edison Soon – Tanglin Kendo Club

Law Kong Hoi – Tanglin Kendo Club

Tran Xuan Phat – Kezenken Kendo Club

Zhong Yuanfu – Guangxi Kendo Club

Cha Young Kuk – Dowon Kendo Club

We would like to take this occasion to express our sincere gratitude to all esteemed referees for their fair and professional judgement:

Mr Makoto Tsuchiya – Master Judge, IFKA, Japan

Mr David Yeo – Tanglin Kendo Club, Singapore

Mr Jang Jin Han – Chungang Kendo Club, Korea

Mr Lim Ki Hak – Chungang Kendo Club, Korea

Mr Shim Sungbo – Dowon Kendo Club, Korea

Mr Chung Tae Sun – Musashikai, Korea

Mr Jeff Sills – Pnom Penh Kendo Club, Cambodia

Mr Olla Kim – Tanglin Kendo Club, Singapore

Mr Zhong Yuanfu – Guangxi Kendo Club, China

Mr Scott Sun – Dowon Kendo Club, Korea

Mr Jin Xin – Wuhan Rendo Kendo Club, China

Mr Wei Wu – Shanghai Huajian Kendo Club, China

Ms Ouyang Lingyun – Shanghai Huajian Kendo Club, China

Ms Reika Tsuchiya – IFKA, Japan

Mr Ngo Hoang Long – Hanoi Seikenkan Kendo Club, Vietnam

Mr Nguyen Sy Hiep – Kenzenkan Kendo Club, Vietnam

Ms Julia Chung – Dowon Kendo Club, Korea

and Mr Nguyen Van Tung, Owner of An Lac Trang, Cu Chi

We also would like to represent our appreciation to the sponsors for their precious sponsorship, including:

Nui Song Co., Ltd, represented by Ms Tran Trang Cam Tu, Director.

Kendo Shop, Korea, represented by Mr Alex

Last but not least, the tournament would never come to the successful without the participation of all competitors and supporters. We owe them many thanks.

During the organizing process, mistakes are inevitable and all of those are ours. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to the understandings of the participants.

We do hope to see all kendo clubs and players again in our next tournament.

Vietnam Kendo Clubs Association – VKCA

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